Babylonians and the Development of Astrology

Babylonians and the Development of Astrology

The Babylonians are credited with creating astrology. The profession of astrology and the science that underpins it are widely believed to have been pioneered by the Babylonians. Their astrological charts provided them with the ability to forecast the recurrence of certain celestial phenomena as well as the seasons. Astrology and astronomy were two names for … Read more

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Traditional Chinese Astrology

Origin According to a tradition that originated in China, once upon a time the twelve animals had a disagreement about which of them should rule the cycle of years. The gods were requested to make a decision, so they staged a competition with the following rules: the first animal to reach the other bank of … Read more

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Astrological predictions

The public is divided on the subject of astrological prediction. In truth, both points of view are founded on a misunderstanding of how astrology actually works. Though it may come as a surprise to devout believers, many astrologers feel that while astrology might disclose your future tendencies, it cannot offer exact forecasts about your future.If … Read more

Ascendant Sign

Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, is the zodiac sign that was ascending on the Eastern horizon when you took your first breath in this world. This is why knowing your exact birth time is so important in determining your rising sign. The rising sign, which is located on the cusp of the … Read more